JMD Einsidler Staff

Paul Buraczenski Paul Buraczenski – President and Principal
Runs all operations of the organization and has over 35 years in property management, and over thirty years specializing in HUD housing. Mr. Buraczenski has an accounting degree and is a real estate broker. He is well-known and respected in the industry in both the private and governmental sectors. Mr. Buraczenski has been with JMD Management and later JMD Einsidler Management since 1990.
Don Einsidler Don Einsidler – Vice President and Principal
As President of Einsidler Management, Inc. Mr. Einsidler possesses over 35 years of property management experience. He and his partners have built a family business into a full-service real estate organization. Mr. Einsidler has brokered many refinancings with the institutions that he regularly does business with. He is a proven leader for owners and works to improve their assets and financial position.
Michael Einsidler Michael Einsidler – Treasurer and Principal
Also, Treasurer of Einsidler Management, Inc. Mr. Einsidler provides organizational support for personnel and is the front line with many clients as an additional resource. Mr. Einsidler is a real estate broker and possesses the supreme managerial skills necessary to provide the essential services from the organization to the client.
Bob Einsidler Robert Einsidler – Principal and Secretary
Vice President of Einsidler Management, Inc. possesses 35 years in real estate management experience and is hands-on and knowledgeable in building mechanical and structural systems. Mr. Einsidler provides unique services to owners, with working knowledge in all facets of maintenance. As a result, he is able to get the most out of site maintenance staff. Mr. Einsidler also supervises the running of all of our automated systems.
Janet Meyerson – Comptroller
30 Years Financial Management Experience – Nearly Ten Years with JMD/Einsidler. Ms. Meyerson manages the back office financial, compliance and regulatory support for all JMD/Einsidler Management properties. Ms. Meyerson also provides support for all levels of site staff regarding hardware and software applications. She joined the company in 2006, coming to us with over 20 years experience in the areas of financial planning, budget development and monitoring, accounting and taxation.
Barbara Composto Barbara Composto – Bookkeeper
15 Years Experience with JMD/Einsidler. Ms. Composto, has worked in various industries in different capacities and possesses a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting experience. She is versed in many different software applications and provides the technical support for our office staff.
Ellen Hansen Ellen Hansen – Office Manager
25 Years Experience with our organization.
Marsi Butow Marsi Butow – Field Coordinator
Over 25 Years Property Management Experience – 18 Years with JMD/Einsidler
Roseanne Hannafey Roseanne Hannafey – Assisted Housing Manager — Nearly 15 years of on-site administrative services involving leasing, applicant qualifications and eligibility, income certification and recertification and compliance with HUD regulations. 
Nydia Sierra Nydia Sierra – Assisted Housing Manager — Provides on-site services including administrative assistance, housing qualifications, income certification/recertification and compliance with HUD regulations.
Kristen Hagenson Kristen Hagenson – Assisted Housing Manager — Provides on-site administrative services involving leasing, applicant qualifications and eligibility, income certification and recertification and compliance with HUD regulations.
Alexis Rodgers Alexis Rodgers – Service Coordinator — Links residents with various support agencies around the area and works to foster a positive and enjoyable on-site living environment.
Amanda Amanda Marshen – Assisted Housing Manager
Stephanie Edson Stephanie Edson – Service Coordinator
Dan Einsidler Dan Einsidler – Field Representative — Provides additional support for on-site superintendents and maintenance staff.
Dottie Svenson Dottie Svenson – Reception and Administrative Aide
Michael Ell
Casey Duffy